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Banner Flag Marketing and Advertising
Bicycle Banner Flags are more than mere advertising, they are advertising in motion! While ordinary banner flags are stationary, our Bicycle Banner Flags can move and go anywhere a bike can go. When there's a crowd gathered, you can ride and fly your banner flag and advertise your message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the bicycle hard to ride with the Banner Flag attached?

Not at all. If you are an experienced bicycle rider you can ride a banner flag on a bicycle. Riding with a Bicycle Banner Flag is easy and very safe. The banner flags have a highly resistant light weight aluminum carbon fiber pole that slides into a multi stitched durable soft cloth material, encasing the pole within a sock sleeve. The pole actually acts like a stick in the wind and not a sail so the banner flag moves with the wind not against it. A sail catches wind but a stick cuts through it. Therefore the rider hardly notices any resistance when riding.

Are pedestrians at risk of injury?

People within the walking area of riders are not impeded upon. The Bicycle Banner Flag is restricted from extending beyond the shoulder width of it's rider. Bicycle Banners Flags are completely safe and guaranteed on material quality.

Is this legal?

Anywhere a bicycle can ride you can advertise.

Are these quality Banner Flags?

Our top selling Banner flags provide height and visibility for any message. We have engineered our Banner Flags to curve at the top so the Banner Flag will be visible with or without wind. Wind Runners are designed to work with our modular poles (included) for optimum fit.

Our flag construction is done using 200 denier polyester reinforced pole pockets that are triple stitched at all stress points. All Banner Flags are digitally printed using dye sublimation printing and high quality water based inks. This method provides excellent image reproduction with vibrant, fade resistant images. The use of water-based inks is also eco-friendly.

What type of art files do we accept?

If you want to send us "Print Ready" art, we prefer resolution independent files such as: AI, EPS and PDF. All Fonts must be outlined. If the file is smaller than final print size, it must be proportional.

If you want to send us a PSD (Photoshop file) or a JPG, the resolution must be at least 300 dpi. If the Photoshop file is the exact size you want printed, we will accept 72 dpi. If you have an art file that is of a different type listed above, we will still accept it but it may have to be reworked to be print ready. This sometimes means we will have to charge an art fee.

For files to be good enough for print the image should be at least 300 dpi. Images copied from other sources such as Google copy and paste are usually 96dpi or lower. The quality won't work. Adobe Photoshop is a great program but even they cannot take a low-resolution file and make it better.